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With over 10 years of experience in the GCC and MENA, we provide mass-recruitment solutions across various industries

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What's involved

We send you ready to hire candidates with their live interview instead of static CVs


We offer to manage your Recruitment Project by handling all the tedious processes and offering you Ready-to-hire candidates. That means applicant screening, interviewing, handling salary negotiations, and giving realistic job previews. 

Ready-to-hire, Highly Qualified

Recruitment events could be long, time consuming, and sometimes fruitless. Frontline Recruiters offer 100's of Ready-to-hire and highly qualified candidates, with their live video interview one click away, making sure you only interview the best of the best

Local Experience and Expertize

Our expertise in the regional market allows us to give the hiring team insight in to what is happening. We know the available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them, salary rates, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities. 

Our candidates

Quality at the cost of quantity
  1. Different Nationalities
    Our candidates come from different countries including Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, and China.
  2. Highly Qualified
    Excellent English speakers, confident, and possess a positive and friendly attitude. Able to sell with superior customer service skills
  3. Development Potential
    With Frontline Recruiters, you are not just hiring sales executives, but future Shop Managers

When do we come in handy?

You have an in-house HR team, so why would you need to use a recruitment agency?
  1. 1
    Anticipate quarterly resignations
    Ready-to-hire quality candidates to anticipate quarterly mass resignations to keep operations going smoothly
  2. 2
    Opening new boutiques
    Opening a new boutique means transfers and having new vacancies to be filled. With Frontline Recruiters fill those newly opened vacancies in no time
  3. 3
    Shortage of a certain nationality
    Frontline Recruiters sources candidates from their respective local countries, giving you an unparalleled access to untapped talent, covering any shortage of a certain nationality the local market fails to provide
  4. 9
    Tough locations
    Filling vacancies in the outer-Emirates or overseas would be much easier when recruiting candidates directly from their home.
  5. 6
    In-house support
    In-house recruiters resign, go on leave, or get overwhelmed by all the vacancies. We are ready to offer quick support to fill those vacancies with quality candidates, saving you valuable time
  6. 8
    No compromise on quality
    Hiring all round highly qualified candidates could prove to be challenging. With us you can make sure you don't compromise on quality and fill all your vacancies with suitable candidates
  7. 4
    Counter early resignations
    Candidates recruited directly from their home country are unlikely to resign early
  8. 7
    Line manager support
    Spare line managers long and time consuming recruitment events. Instead, allow them to easily browse competent candidates and make the selection process easier than ever before
  9. 5
    Be ready for promotions
    Vacancies during promotion time is a sales manager's worst nightmare. Our candidates are able to fill in quickly saving you valuable time & opportunity costs

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